Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Skill Games Industry

What denominations are available to play?

There are multiple denominations to play. The denominations range from 25¢ all the way to $5       and more depending on the specific game's setting. The number and size of increments can change from game to game. 

How many games can you play?

At the moment there are five games to choose from, two 8-line slot style, one 8-line tab style and two 25-line slot style games. The specific games available can be different depending on the machine setup.

Can you play skill games?

All games offered can be set to involve skill. The process of rewarding the balance to the player can also be set to involve skill.

How is skill involved?

In-game skill allows the player to see the result of the next play without risking their bet. For example, the player can see the end result of a 50¢ play, then the player can change the bet and then view the result of another play at that denomination. The player can decide for themselves the best play. 

  The player can also play a skill game to cash out their balance. The game is a chasing light display, the player must have the coordination to stop the light on a spot that will reward their balance and not one that will subtract from their balance. 

Are there any progressive jackpots?

Yes! Each game has two progressive jackpots.

Is there a minimum bet for the major jackpot?

The minimum bet needed to win the largest jackpot for each game is $1. The smaller jackpots do not require a minimum bet. 

What is "tab style"?

Tab style games digitally replicate a physical pull tab game. A pull tab game lets the player reveal symbols on a pay line, if the winning symbols match then a prize is awarded. A "slot style" game lets the player initiate a reel spin that then stops, revealing the winning symbols automatically. 

Are there any bonus games?

Yes! Every game has a secondary game that can be triggered at any bet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buzz Skill Games

How do I place my order?

Orders can be placed online or you can call toll free at 866-257-3275. Orders for game boards, parts and supplies will ship automatically when you place the order online. Orders for complete games placed online will need to be verified via telephone before the order can be processed. This is to ensure that we have your game built exactly the way you want and also so we can give you an accurate shipping quote as we cannot do this online at this time. Please be sure to give us a good phone number and time to call when you place your order online. Your credit card will not be charged until we can reach you via telephone.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards or you can send payment if you prefer. Please note that personal checks will delay your order until the check clears so money orders or cashier’s checks will expedite your order faster. Sorry, we do not ship COD.

How are my items shipped?

Game boards, parts and supplies are shipped via FedEx. Complete game cabinets are shipped via R&L Carriers and they provide free lift gate service to get your game off their truck. It is your responsibility to get your game in your building. A hand cart dolly is the best way to move your games inside.

Tabletops and wall mount cabinets can be carried by hand. Inside delivery is available for an additional charge by R&L Carriers and needs to be requested at the time you order. If you prefer you may also pick up your game at our facility in Pittsburgh.

*IMPORTANT All orders shipped by us are fully insured but you MUST inspect for damage at the time you receive your delivery. If the damage is minor and you feel it can be repaired by yourself, we can send you the needed part for you to replace. If the damage is beyond your repair simply refuse the delivery. In either case be sure to note on the "Bill of Lading" that your order had damage when it arrived. Damage happens very rarely but you need to be aware of how to handle it properly.


What is your warranty?

Game Boards
Complete Games
Bill Acceptors 

     1 YEAR
     1 YEAR
     1 YEAR
     1 YEAR
     1 YEAR

How long before my order ships?

Game boards, parts and supplies are shipped within 24 hours and in most cases the same day. Complete games are shipped in 10 business days or less with most orders going out in 3-5 days.

What is your return policy?

Defective or items damaged in shipment can be returned within 10 days at no cost to you; we will pay the return shipping charges. Game boards, parts and supplies can be returned within 10 days and may be subject to a restocking charge of up to 20%. Complete games are not returnable since all games are built specifically for you when your order is placed. Please contact AA Vendomatic immediately if there are any issues with your order.

Are my products brand new?

YES. We do not use any used, reconditioned or factory second components in any of our products. Used game boards, etc. that we list for sale will be clearly advertised as USED on our web site.

What about tech support?

We provide toll free tech support for the life of the product to the original purchaser. Game settings can easily be changed over the phone by anyone who calls us.

What if my game stops working? Do I have to ship it back?

NO. We have never had to ship a game back to us that we couldn't diagnose over the phone. All we need is someone who is willing to work with us to get the problem resolved. Our games are built to make it easy for the end user to change any component in their game.

Games consist of the following: Game BoardLCD MonitorPower SupplyBill AcceptorButtons, Printer (Optional) and wiring. They are really quite simple once you look inside. If you can work a screwdriver and/or a socket wrench you can easily change any component in our games. We use only "GRADE A" commercial quality components in our games and most games will never need service at all.

What about maintenance?

Maintenance is very minimal. Periodically vacuum or blow out the power supply. It has a cooling fan in it and draws in dust from the air and will need to be cleaned on occasion. Bill acceptors also may need to be cleaned if they start refusing money or get finicky. Simple instructions can be found here. We recommend that you turn off your machine when not in use to extend the life of its components.

Why should I buy from great lakes amusement?

Every game that leaves our facility is programmed and final testing and inspection done by myself, Scot Miller, owner and founder of Great Lakes Amusement. I take great pride in the products we sell and do not believe in cutting corners to save costs. Every effort is made by our employees to build a top-quality game for you. Each and every game is turned on for 24 hours prior to shipping to eliminate any faulty products leaving our facility.

We were the first manufacturer to sell online in 1998 and look forward to being around for years to come. Many of our competitors simply buy games from a manufacturer like ourselves and resell them at a marked-up price. There is nothing wrong with doing business that way but I feel if you want technical support or questions answered there's no better source than the manufacturer itself. Please don't hesitate to call me with any questions you may have.

Does the board require a license or fill?


What is license %


Is the board certified?

Yes, the board is certified

Do you offer legal opinions?

Yes, we offer legal opinions.

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